Storm3m( Farmers ) 4 step “Complete Idiot’s” Glitch Guide:

1. Bank from UH*, and in a split sec from your device press and “HL**” an account with 20,000 + deaths

2. Close the UH* banking window ASAP after it banked, and before the HL* goes thru.

3. Start with $20B-$30B out, and work your way up adding more if you feel you got a margin between the UH finish banking and the HL** going thru…

4.Use iMobs V2 or Don for unlimited HL**, works with the other versions too, but you’ll get capped, your device needs to be Jailbroken to use V2 or Don.

iMobs V2 and Don Cydia source (add the source in Cydia, then DW the iMobs Don or V2):

Glitch Video Guide:

Glitch $30B in one try:


Glitch Bot:

Glitch Bot Forum:

Mission Glitch Guide:

If you are looking to glitch Pinky Rings, or any other mission, is done absolutely the same way as income gltching, just instead of banking you do the mission and HL a person with 20,000+ deaths at the same time.

Keep in mind, you don’t get EXP*** for glitching missions, and also be careful, you need to complete the last few % of the last mission before max a Rank of a tab the normal way, without glitching, or will not get the extra SPs !!!

*UH – untouchable-hacks
**HL – Hit List
***EXP – experience


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